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Facial Aesthetics


Emma Preston has administered dermal fillers since 2003, she has a careful and artistic eye as well as her clinical experience.
Fillers are used to lift, and plump the face and also to remove lines and wrinkles. Emma only uses the top products such as ‘Juvederm’ and ‘Restylane’ which are well regulated and safe. Fillers are made of a clear gel called ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, it is found normally in the skin and the quantities naturally reduce as we age. Once injected water binds to it increasing it’s volume. Replacing it improves the skin’s elasticity and tone. Fillers are broken down naturally, so patients do need further treatments, initially every 6 -9 months, though less filler is generally used for repeat treatments.


Tear trough

This technique is used to improve the appearance of under eye hollows and eye bags. A tiny amount of light bodied filler is injected gently using a method that does not cause bruising, after which patients have reduced dark circles and look less tired.

Lip enhancements

Create beautiful, soft and more defined lips for when patients have lost volume which happens naturally with age and can give you a more a dehydrated appearance. Nowadays treatments are more natural, subtle and gentle giving a lovely heart shape to the lips..
Treatment to the marionette area, at the outside of the lips means a reduction in the down turn at the corners of the mouth, this often makes patients feel they look happier.

Skin boosters

Micro injections to improve the skins elasticity and tone.
Used on the face, chest and backs of the hands to smooth sun damaged skin and scar tissue.

Smokers lines

Can be improved by the removal of fine lines around the mouth which can be either genetic or caused by smoking. This redefines the margin
of the lips stopping leaking of lipstick.

Cheek Enhancement

Used in the larger cheek area, giving a soft plumper more youthful face. Revolumisation of this area helps to also reduce nose to mouth lines, marionettes and lower year trough and to lift and plump a flattened cheek. We can also offer cheek threading to lift and tighten the skin of the lower cheek and jowls. Revolumisation of the temple region which can look hollow as we age. Chin enhancement can be used to redefine a small or set back chin. We can also define the jaw for help with the appearance of jowls and loose skin

Ear creases

These can occur after many years of wearing earrings a small amount of dermal filler can remove them making patients feel less self conscious.

Smoothing of Lines and Wrinkles

Emma Preston (dentist) has been treating patients since 2003 at the Dental Spa Botulinum has been used cosmetically since 1987 and was licensed in 2006 to treat frown lines.

The injections are quick and almost painless and there is very little downtime after treatment, possibly tiny red bruises, rarely bigger ones. The muscles relax after 2-3 days softening over the next 2 weeks. Emma will then review your treatment results to see if a top up or correction is required, to make sure we get the correct prescription for you.

Initially patients return after 3-4 months, but after the first year patients normally need treatment every 6 months. Botulinum is used to soften crow’s feet, frown lines and a furrowed brow, Emma also uses it to reduce a down turned mouth, smokers lines, bunny lines on the nose, to balance out the height of your brows, reduce a high lip line and reduce a bulky square jaw. Many patients notice a reduction in headaches and tension, feeling better in themselves (any headaches should be investigated by a doctor first).

Treatment costs vary depending on the amount and type of product required to achieve expectations. Emma will advise you on the cost and treatment at your initial consultation. There will be no charge for your consultation.


" I have always found the staff to be kind, courteous and professional. I am a patient of Kates and she is wonderful! She always explains what she is doing and for a nervous patient like myself it is a a great confidence builder. " - C Jones

" Love the new practice! Great service, Kate explained everything. The quality of service is fantastic and always had appointment times to suit me. - will definitely recommend to my friends and family! " - M Williams

" Many thanks for the treatment I have received. All staff members can take credit for being so friendly and professional. I never thought coming to the dentist would be an enjoyable one " - E Conde

" I am really pleased with the cosmetic treatment I had, and the staff were great – Thanks again " - G Mader

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